Change Your Career

For anyone who’s ever considered moving on to find something better.  


Most people’s first career is an accident. But the career you choose is your destiny! Here are some issues we deal with: 

  • Life is Change!

    • When to change careers: Go for it!

    • All at once?

    • One foot in each world?

  • Accountant vs Visionary: Who’s in charge here?

  • What’s the Plan? Short & long range.   

  • Setting GOALS and OBJECTIVES.  

  • How much should I invest?

  • Money mania.

  • Managing your Mind/Body Asset Base.

  • Failing forward!

  • Dealing with:

    • Fear

    • Rejection

    • Naysayers

    • White Knights

    • Spouses

    • Friends

  • Redefining the End of the World.

  • Managing time and work.  

  • Stealing time to change!

If you’re wrestling with any of these issues, or anything else to do with your career, and you feel you could use some expert guidance and mentoring, this new Master Coaching service may be perfect for you. 

Here’s how it works:

  • You sign up for interactive coaching.

  • We send you a brief contract outlining the terms.

  • Once you’re signed, you’ll be contacted to set up our first exploratory session. Here, we can discuss your goals, what you’re working on, and/or your current issues and challenges.

  • We meet for a 30-45-minute session (by phone OR video) to understand where you are in your process, what challenges you’re facing, etc.

  • I give you your first assignment.

  • Once you deliver your first assignment, we schedule a 15-minute coaching session, in which you get your next assignment.

  • For the six months, we meet for as many 15-minute sessions you need to achieve your goals, setting a new meeting each time you achieve your goal!

If you’re wrestling with any of the above, or anything else to do with your writing, and you feel you could use some expert guidance, this six-month one-on-one Master Coaching service may be perfect for you.

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