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Dear Writer's Lifeline Inc.:

By signing and returning this agreement with my check and manuscript, I indicate my understanding of the following terms and conditions of our working together.

1. I will receive ten hours of editorial services from a Writerís Lifeline, Inc. editor, or from a combination of editors and story analysts. The editorial services provided include: concept, structural, and style editing; rewriting; telephone consultations; e-mail and fax communications; and other activities related to developing my project(s) into a commercially viable property. To get the most out of my time, Writerís Lifeline, Inc. recommends that I prepare an agenda for my telephone consultations, that I tape the conversations for easy reference, and that I undertake some self-revision before submitting materials to my editor.

2. Depending on my specific needs as a writer, the development process may include character-development work, and/or a reworking of the outline of a story or stories until we're mutually satisfied that the basic structure, story elements, and rise and fall of dramatic action are both convincing and compelling. Direction will also be based upon current marketing conditions, aimed at making my insertion in the market easier. Due to the organic nature of the writing process, I understand that Writerís Lifeline, Inc. canít predict in advance how far Iíll get, nor can Writerís Lifeline, Inc. guarantee that ten hours will be sufficient time to create or complete a childrenís book that is ready for sale.

3. The fee for the ten hours is $1,250.00, payable to Writerís Lifeline, Inc. Iím sending my check to:
Writer's Lifeline, Inc.
9601 Wilshire Blvd. #1202
Beverly Hills CA 90210

or paying by credit card. (Click here to pay by credit card)

I am fully committed to improving my skills through your service, and acknowledge that fees for editorial services are not refundable. You will notify me upon receipt of my check, and I can expect to hear from my designated editor within 10 business days thereafter. Meanwhile, I will be reading Ken Atchityís A Writerís Time, in order to share a "common reference point" with my editor. I will be sent A Writerís Time by return mail, when Writerís Lifeline receives my check.

4. I, the author, retain all rights to my own work, whether or not I continue to employ Writerís Lifeline, Inc. editorial services beyond the initial ten hours, up until such time as I may dispose of those rights (or some part of those rights) through the sale of my work; I understand that my Writerís Lifeline editor will sign a quitclaim for my protection, and that all our dealings will be in confidence

5. Iíve signed and dated this letter, and am returning it with my check to the above address. Iím sending my manuscript and a one-page synopsis to:
Writer's Lifeline, Inc. at
9601 Wilshire Blvd. #1202
Beverly Hills CA 90210.

Writer's Lifeline, Inc. will notify me of their receipt and schedule an initial consultation immediately.




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