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Write Your Own Obit

For all storytellers — novelists, screenwriters, journalists, nonfiction writers, and children’s book writers — and those who want to tell their own story but aren’t sure where to start.


Based on the response I’ve been receiving from my interviews on FILM COURAGE (Take a look!), I started coaching one-on-one all while continuing to write my own memoir, My Obit: Daddy Holding Me, which has now seen critical success such as appearing in places like USA Today. After many inquiries about how others can write their own memoir, I've opened up a personal, one-on-one coaching course structured to help you create your own “Obit” in the form of a novelized memoir.

The Write Your Own Obit program is a 4 month 1-on-1 coaching program that allows  participants to sit down virtually with me, Story Merchant CEO, noted author, and Hollywood producer, to provide tools and insights to help you tell the story of your own lives in a satisfying, honest, and narratively fulfilling way.

“Keep trying anyway because the trying itself is enough to give you a feeling of control and self-respect. Doing our best is the best we can do – and self-respect is the most solid foundation for hope, which keeps us going.” – Dr. Kenneth Atchity, My Obit: Daddy Holding M

To anyone who invests in their life's legacy by working with me this way, I say, “Thank YOU for giving yourself the support that you need to accomplish your dreams.”

For anyone concerned with the most remarkable moments and achievements going unnoticed or unrecorded. Here are some issues we deal with:

•    Why you should tell your own story and not wait for someone else to tell it.
•    Discovering the mythic through line of your life story.
•    Setting the point of view and tone of voice.
•    Writing a logline for your life story.
•    Designing your story like a film before you even start writing it.
•    How to make your own character like a fictional character?
•    How to deal with the minor and supporting characters in your life.
•    How to deal with family issues.
•    Walking the tightrope between fiction and nonfiction.
•    Writing a treatment that guides you through your first draft
•    What is point of view and how do you master it?
•    Show versus Tell—striking the right narrative balance.
•    Secrets of the 3-act structure.
•    Getting it done: Managing time and work.
•    Staying motivated until you finish.

Here’s how it works:

  • You sign up for interactive coaching.

  • We send you a brief contract outlining the terms of the 4 month program.

  • Once you’re signed, you’ll be contacted to set up our first exploratory session. Here, we can discuss your goals, what you’re working on, and/or your current struggles.

  • We meet for 30 minute sessions (by phone OR video) to understand where you are in your process, what challenges you’re facing, etc.

  • I give you your first assignment.

  • Once you deliver your first assignment, we schedule a 15-minute coaching session, in which you get your next assignment.

  • For the four months, we meet for as many 15-minute sessions you need to achieve your goals, setting a new meeting each time you achieve your goal!

If you’re wrestling with any of the above, or anything else to do with your writing, and you feel you could use some expert guidance, this four-month one-on-one Master Coaching service may be perfect for you.

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